Friday, September 18, 2009

My Summer ;p

hey guys its Aryn ! I'm so happy to blog to you again the past couple of months have Ben GREAT !
We found a new dance studio called GROOVZ and we are going to be dancing at half time basket
ball games and that fun stuff . we will all so be doing a travailing dance team at GROOVZ too FUN!!

i have all so ben able to go to seminary a year early and so is josh . its ben fun waking up
and everyone being asleep so i can have some time read and ponder the scriptures
i love our teacher brother rogers he is so fun and sweet ,but i think the best part
of seminary is memorizing the scripture mastery and getting free hot coco on Thursdays
but i mainly love it all .
i had a lot of fun over the summer but i didn't get to go the water park not even once!!
some of the fun things we did do was we got chickens and a sheep named mammy
both of my Betta fishes died one jumped out and the other one got to much food
( it wasn't me ) and our cosines moved up from Utah and it has ben a blast so far.!
the cousins are starting a book store its called liber books and for school we are going
to be starting our oun small businesses that is going to be a blast i cant wait !!!!!!!!
well that pretty much sums up the summer ttyl
;P Aryn;p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

                                                     hey its me i just wanted to say to everyone happy mothers day 
                                                        happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy 
                                             MOTHERS DAY  MOTHERS DAY  MOTHERS DAY   MOTHERS DAY
                                             MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY 
                                             MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY MOTHERS DAY 

                                               NOPE ITS NOT OVER 



                                         M- MAY 
                                         O- OOBER SWEET 
                                         T- THE LOVE SHE GIVES 

                                          H-HOPE ( hopeing i can steal her choc.)
                                         E- EVERY SWEET LAUGH 
                                        R-RE LOVING EVERY DAY  

                                       S- SWEET

                                     DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY 

                                                          !!!!!!   OK NOW I AM TIERD !!!!!!! 

                                    AND TO MY GRANDMA THANK YOU FOR THE NEAKLESS 
                                     AND MONEY AND YES TO GRANDPA PAUL I DO HAVE YOUR 
                                          DOLLAR  AND YOU CANT HVAE IT MWAAAAA MWAAAA

                                              HUGS AND KISSES ARYN

Monday, March 16, 2009

hey people 
sorry i havent ben on bloging 
my aunt has come to visit / live 
with us but we dont know how long 
and i have a cold and it is rely is bugging 
me a lot i havent ben able to sleep or last 
more than like one min with out coughing 
so yes i am realy sick one of the resons is 
becuse i have eat'n one can of wiped creem 
in two days and more sugar than posabull
and wow i am not going to eat anymore 
sugar .............. what am i kidding i will

love Aryn

Friday, March 6, 2009

a lot of things have hapend with in one or two weeks 
it was Serena's on march 2  and allmost all of our home-
school group came incloding one boy that has two sisters 
that dragged him there so we all ganged up on him 
and tied him up and put makeup on him and Serena
said it was the best birth day ever!

2. my aunt annie came to live with but not that long 
like a month or two she took us out for ice cream 

3. aunt annie got some candy and it looks like cardbord 
but its candy ill put a pix on and give you more info   

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


last week we went sledding with the young woman 
but only the besses, the whyte's, and the hudson's
we had a bunch of fun but i dont have any pix from 
it but we had a blast !!!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

bug juice

The day i got home our house had an ANT INVASION  
and have Ben attacking us ever seance along with anything 
that is sugar-ish so call me crazy i made my fave juice purple
cool-aid . of course the ants attacked and without knowing 
i gave Serena  glass of juice with a ant in it...and an alive one  
ewwww yes i know and she spit the ant out in her food a
half alive chewed up ant in hash browns i wish i had taken
 a picture it would of Ben a sight to see oh and there ended 
up to be one in my glass too thank goodness i didn't eat one too
love , Aryn

Monday, February 23, 2009

these are shoes that i got wen i was on 
a trip i got them with my moms b.f.f.
evon when our spa day failed we went 
to get my hair cut by a person that i 
am not related to or know but she did 
live in montana for a year or two though 
but i had a lot of fun and so did my mom 
she got reunited with her soul sister 
see ya later 
Love , Aryn